> 10 Settembre – MADRID – Gabriele Basilico | Entropy and Urban Space

> Domenica 10 Settembre, 2017

lun> sab dalle ore 11:00 > 20:00
dom | 10:00 > 14:00
Paseo del Prado, 4


Gabriele Basilico (Milan, Italy, 1944-2013) was a key figure in the revitalisation of landscape and architectural photography in the 1980s, who developed a profound analysis of urban environments and their transformation throughout his career.

The aim is to apply the concept of entropy (magnitude which, in Physics, indicates the degree of disorder in a system, which means that a new system of balance or homogeneity can emerge from this disorder) to the study of the Basilico’s work and its evolution, from his first formal studies of factory façades in Milan to his acknowledging of the complexity of urban systems in modern metropolises.

The exhibition is part of the PhotoEspaña 2017 programme.


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